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Christmas Eve Dinners: A Plateful of Reasons to Enjoy!

The season to celebrate has arrived, right? This is the time when the entire city rises up to revel with sparkling lights, smiling faces and scrumptious aroma of baking cakes all over. And yes, it’s time when every soul gets tuck into some delicious memories! Parties, jamming, reunions, dinners and many more keep your heart warm on chilled evenings! Happy Christmas! A reason to eat, drink and dance is here.

Image Credit: bit.ly/18WzqtK

Image Credit: bit.ly/18WzqtK

Dinner on Christmas Eve Means Everything on Table in Time

Well, if your family has chosen you to play the role this year it’s important that you hit the floor with proper ideas and planning. Well, it may sound a little funny but on a day when the proportions of sugar and salt are as important as garnishing and getting everything on table in time, even minor mistakes are counted. It’s good that you are all set to make an impact on your guests with chocolate cookies, roasted potatoes, spiced lobsters and crisp wines but a list of your tasks and a clear conception about the traditions may help you taste accomplishment and appreciation.

Tasting Traditions on Wintry Evenings!

A lovely family dinner on Christmas Eve has some magical powers and we did feel that since our childhood. And of course, all the exciting options on the menu amplify the pleasures of Christmas tickling your taste-buds. Although most of the families prefer to stick to the classic choices, allergies, vegetarians, and health freaks have given birth to a variety of dishes. But for people, who don’t mind calorie counts or putting on some weight in a festive season, options are plenty too as today you have numerous ways to jazz up the classic recipes.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1kpkkoN

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1kpkkoN

For a large number this is the time when the family loves gorging on greasy seafood heavy with cheese and cream. For example, feast of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve is a very Italian idea of celebrating the special dinner. Consisted of various fish preparations on the menu this grand episode of having meal goes on for hours with some mind boggling seafood dishes arriving on your table one after another. Some yummy inclusions like oyster sauce, scungilli salad, fried calamari, baked clams oreganata, and various stews are often there to help you savour the grand dinner.

All Well that Ends Well!

For food obsessed people, it matters little that whether you have chosen an oyster or a lobster. A rich meal is all they want. And foodies don’t mind if cook goes a bit creative while cooking traditional dishes, but what’s important that your experiments with those age old preparations must result in better taste. No matter how gorgeous your interior looked that day. Or whether the knot you tied on the top was impressive. A mediocre menu can spoil it all! Remember, a cook on the Christmas Eve is the show stopper!


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