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Taste the Deliciously Barbecued Seafood Kebabs with Your Friends

Different varieties of sea-foods are consumed throughout the world. The connoisseurs of good food savor special likes for sea foods and eat them on different occasions. Sea foods contain lots of vitamins and minerals, which are good for human body and helps improve certain body conditions.

There are different types of sea-foods found in the world. Some of the most prominent ones are fishes, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, oysters, among others. One of the best things about these foods is that they are quite easy to prepare and take little time. The most common methods of preparation are grilling, steaming, boiling and baking.

Winter is the best season to have seafood dishes. It is quite common to see people calling on their friends and organizing a barbecue in their backyard to prepare some delicious seafood dishes. Here is a barbecue seafood recipe that you will like to give a try next weekend.

Barbecued Fish Kebabs

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1cnBNMZ

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1cnBNMZ

This is one of the best dishes when it comes to having delicious barbecued seafood dishes. The barbecued fish kebabs are extremely easy to prepare and require only a few ingredients. And, when you sprinkle with lemon, the fish kebabs are all the more delicious. Here are the ingredients

• Firm boneless white fish fillets, 1kg/2lb 4 oz (remove its skin and cut into 3 cm pieces)

• Tomatoes, 3 (each cut into 6 wedges)

• Bay leaves, 6

• Lemons, 3 (cut into thin wedges)

• Olive oil

• Sea salt flakes, 2 tsp

• Ground cumin, 1 tsp

How to prepare?

• Take metal skewers and thread the fish, tomato, bay leaves and lemon alternately. Now, brush oil all over the skewers

• Preheat the barbecue on a high flame and cook fish skewers for around 6 to 8 minutes. Flip from time to time till the time fish is not cooked

• Now, take a large serving platter and transfer the fish skewers. Sprinkle with cumin and salt.

• Serve immediately

This is one of the most popular barbecued seafood dishes in the world. If you want to taste a delicious seafood dish in your home, order it online.


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