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Lobster Dinner on a Memorable Night with Special Ones

Image Source: bit.ly/1blMomT

Image Source: bit.ly/1blMomT

The seafood aficionados believe that the most usual place for the lobsters to live is a large, oval plate with a lemon wedge and a cup of drained butter. It is true that only a few of the hundreds of varieties caught for commercial purposes give birth to a multibillion dollar market. With around 200,000 tons produce, lobsters are one of the most profoundly harvested sea creatures in the world.

The most popular varieties of lobsters consumed as food are the European and American clawed lobsters, found under the cold water on the shores of North Atlantic Ocean. The seafood lovers also consume tropical lobsters that are usually clawless and known as slipper and spiny lobsters.

Lobsters were earlier not considered as the elegant eats. In fact they were used as fertiliser in the northeast America during the 17th and 18th century, as they were found in abundance at that time. As US transportation infrastructure grew in 19th and 20th century, fresh lobsters were brought in the urban areas thus growing in the reputation of being a delicacy.

Lobsters, the First Choice of Seafood Lovers

Nowadays, lobsters enjoy a huge popularity not just in US but around the world. Seafood lovers everywhere look forward to the occasions when they can celebrate the good times with best Maine lobster dinner dishes. Some people cook the delicious lobster dinner at their homes while others who do not want to take the pain of cooking, order it online.

So, if you are planning something similar for your dear friends, family members or your partner, Maine Lobster Tail and Chowder Feast makes the ultimate choice.

The autumn season is here and nothing could beat the cold as effectively as the feast on seafood chowders and stews, coupled with some exotic wines. So, call upon your friends to contribute other traditional dishes in the party while you make an online order for lobster tail and chowder feast. 

The online order booked by you contains all the products fresh frozen and shipped to you soon after receiving orders.

• 4 to 8 ounce of Maine lobster tails with Old bay butter, 4
• Maine lobster cakes, 4
• Maine clam chowder, 1 quart
• Homemade mini biscuits, 1 pound
• 6 ounce of homemade Maine whoopee pies, 4
• Cooking instructions

Winter is here and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the chowder feast and Maine lobster tails at your home with your loved ones. Order the delicious dish online now.


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