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Enjoy the Heavenly Taste of Jumbo Shrimp Sugar Cane Skewers at Your Home

The seafood lovers prefer to eat various kinds of sea foods. Shrimp is one of the sea-foods widely popular all around the world and consumed whole-heartedly. These sea-foods are frequently prepared during the weekends or on the special occasions. They make truly delicious dishes and are also beneficial for the health.

There are several issues affecting the marketing and commercialisation of shrimps. Most varieties of shrimps are sold frozen and marketed on the category of their grading, uniformity, colour and presentation.

Shrimps are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and contain very low levels of mercury. Shrimps are generally sold whole but sometimes only the meat of this seafood is also found in the market.

Similar to other sea-foods, shrimp are high in calcium, protein and iodine but contain low levels of food energy. Most shrimp-based meals are rich source of cholesterol, as each 100 grams of shrimp produce 122 mg to 251 mg cholesterol. As shrimps have low levels of saturated fat, cholesterol content is high and healthy for the circulatory system.


So, if you have grown the desire of having the shrimp, Jumbo Shrimp Sugar Cane Skewers is the good option to you. This is the perfect appetizer, prepared with little effort and tastes heavenly. The hand-picked jumbo gulf shrimp from Maine are threaded through the sugar cane skewers and soaked with the sweet heat sauce before being served directly from the skillet or grill.

You can order the scrumptious appetizer online. The flash frozen products dispatched to you on the same day. Here are the products:

• Sugar cane skewers threaded with 8 Maine jumbo gulf shrimp, 10

• Chef Mac Arrington’s sweet heat sauce in 8-ounce package, 1

• Cooking instructions are given

Some online stores offer you fresh shrimps from the Maine coast. Order you favourite shrimp recipe online now and enjoy the delicacy at your home with the family.


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