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How to Buy Fresh and Live Clams to Prepare Delicious Clam Dishes?

The connoisseurs of good food adore all kinds of sea creatures, such as shrimps, prawns, crabs, squid, clams, mussels, oysters, lobsters and various species of fish. Clams are extremely mouth-watering and cooked in different ways. Seafood lovers can go for raw, steamed or shopped up clams with gravy or a sauce.

How to shop for Clams?

However, before you prepare the clams, you need to shop for them. You will find two types of clams in the market, hard-shelled clams and soft-shelled clams. Some hard-shelled clams like littlenecks, cherrystones or large chowder clams have their shelled shut tightly. In case the shells are open and do not shut after physical contact, consider them dead and mud-filled. The clams must be hand-picked in order to avoid buying dead ones. On the other hand, soft-shelled clams, such as West Coast razor clams and New England steamers possess brittle and thin shells. They do not shut their shells completely. If you want to know whether they are alive, touch them on their neck. If you see even a slight movement, consider them alive.

Fresh clams for delicious dishes


Image Source: bit.ly/13T16xe

Image Source: bit.ly/13T16xe

In order to prepare scrumptious clam dishes, you must buy fresh clams. You can buy them an evening before they are cooked. You can store them in refrigerator in a bowl. Do not seal clams in a plastic bag or soak in water, they may die this way. They are preserved for up to a couple of days and if shucked, you can refrigerate them for two days.

Clams make finest quality dishes. If you ever have had a chance to taste Clam Chowder, you will never forget its taste. Most chowder recipes are delicious and one that is prepared with tomato stock tastes most delicious. One does not need to put in lots of efforts while cooking tomato-based chowder recipes.

The small or medium sized clams having hard shell can be eaten raw. You can steam them to bring the heavenly taste. Large clams are usually chopped up and made in sauces and gravies. They have sweet and briny flavour. Clams are found in every season and go well with stews, pastas, roasts and popular chowder. So, you can serve the clams to your guests with any of the primary dish.

You can also order clam recipes online and prepare it with the main dish of your choice at your home.


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