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Fresh and Live Lobsters from Maine Make Sumptuous, Delicious and Nutritious Dishes

Foodies around the world love to eat sea-foods such as clam, crab, prawn, shellfish, fish, mussels, shrimp, and lobsters and so on. They never say no to seafood dishes. Seafood dishes are most of the times preferred at the parties hosting a large number of guests. Among the seafood delicacies, lobsters are the most common choice and considered as the life of party nights. Seafood lovers know lobster as ‘King of Seafood’. Different varieties of lobsters are found around the world, but lobsters from Maine are taken as best of all.

The live lobsters procured from the coasts of Maine taste best and provide numerous health benefits to seafood lovers. However, one should be careful in buying lobsters and go for only the live lobsters and avoid dead ones. Dead lobsters are kept frozen and sold in packets.

If you are planning to cook a lobster delicacy, make sure to hit the dock early in the morning. This way, you will be able to get hold of live and fresh pieces of lobsters. Live lobsters retain their taste while cooking whereas dead ones are stale and smell foul, as they are stored for long. The fresh and live Maine lobsters are nutritious and offer many health benefits to you.

Image Source: bit.ly/6v9sUb

Image Source: bit.ly/6v9sUb

Health benefits of live lobsters

• Lobsters are low in cholesterol and fat

• Omega-3 fatty acids help burn the fat and useful for heart-related diseases

• Lobsters are rich in Zinc which helps improve brain activity, immunity and vision

• Zinc is also helpful in healing injuries

• Lobsters also contain phosphorous which helps in formation of teeth and bones

• Lobsters help improve metabolism rate, kidney functions and control arthritis

• Lobsters also contain Vitamin B12 which keeps blood cells healthy

• Copper protects the body from many health disorders

So, fresh lobsters from Maine are store house of nutrition as well as scrumptious to eat. If they are kept fresh and alive until you bring them to cook, these lobsters can present innumerable health benefits to you. It is good to cook the lobsters same day you have bought or have been delivered to your house.

Lobster dishes can be prepared quickly and easily. You can boil or steam them to salted water to bring the best taste to the dishes. Lobster dishes are delicious and easy to prepare in your kitchen. So, make an order online and enjoy the delicious lobster meal at your home.


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