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How to Take Out Meat from a Cooked Lobster?

Are you planning to host a few friends of yours over a special dinner at your place? What are the food items you have included in the menu to serve them? If you have not made your mind on that, try some lobster dishes.

Yes, lobster dishes are extremely delicious and the best bet for your party. You might lose out on the quantity but your friends will not give up eating the finger-licking lobster dish.

Now, you must be thinking that how to prepare a lobster dish for lots of people. You will be relieved by knowing that some online food stores have started catering the lobster dishes and assure of delivery within the reasonable time. Besides, they also save lots of your time and efforts that you need to put in for getting fresh lobsters at the dock.

Online food stores deliver flash frozen lobsters at your home. After the lobsters have been delivered to your home or you have cooked the lobster at your kitchen, you will need to take out all the meat from their body. Many people do not have idea about how get all the lobster meat out from the body of cooked lobsters.

Here is how you can get the meat out of lobster, take a look:

Image Source: bit.ly/NemMOh

Image Source: bit.ly/NemMOh

Step 1: Arrange the claws and crack open the knuckle off the base and put it aside. Take out the rubber band and discard the small pincher of claw.

Step 2: Crack open the claws and put it on a towel. Hit the claw with the butt of knife and detach the shell. Put the meat aside

Step 3: Use scissors to cut the knuckle and clip off its hard base. Cut down the side by inserting one end of scissors. This will allow you to open the shell and will expose the meat.

Step 4: In case, if you don’t have scissors use the heel of your hand to crack open the shell after folding the towel over claw.

Step 5: Now, cut the tail and put in the knife’s point in the spine’s centre portion. Cut the tail lengthwise in half. Then, remove the heat after cutting the tail again.

Step 6: Crush the tail, if you can’t cut the tail and crack open the tail instead of using the knife. Remove the shell and enjoy your meat.

So, now that you know how to remove meat from lobster, enjoy the lobster meat with your friends.


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