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A Few Interesting Facts about Lobsters

It is hard for human beings to imagine how lobsters see the world, as they are very different from these oceanic animals. But, lobsters have been consumed by humans since ages and are primary source of lots of nutritious elements. Lobsters are known as a rich source of numerous vitamins and minerals in human body.

Irrespective of the locations and other factors, lobsters are eaten wholeheartedly by the humans around the world. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to change something different this weekend, lobsters will be on top of your diet menu. Besides, the nutrients found in lobster are very much helpful in improving certain medical conditions.

Image Source: bit.ly/UyvL3d

Image Source: bit.ly/UyvL3d

According to medical practitioners, lobsters are quite healthy and can be useful for heart patients, if consumed in moderate amount. Apart from health and taste, there are many other lobster facts that you must know of. Take a look at some interesting facts about lobsters:

• Lobsters have antennae on their heads which help them smell chemicals in the water. They do have sensory hairs on their legs to taste these chemicals.

• Just like human beings, they have a long childhood and adolescence age. Female lobsters carry their young for nine months into womb and their life expectancy is more than 100 years.

• They use complicated signals to survey their surroundings and build social relationships. Similar traits are also found in dolphins.

• They go on seasonal journeys and supposed to cover over 100 miles each year. Similar days are required for humans to walk from Maine to Florida. They cleverly avoid the traps set along the coastal areas.

• Humans are the most dreadful predator for lobsters.

• Over 20 millions lobsters are consumed each year in the United State alone.

• Scientists have determined the fact that lobsters can feel the pain like other animals. However, lobster sellers continue to say otherwise.

• They also suffer from stress related issues, especially when confined in the tanks. Low oxygen levels and crowding cause the stress in them.

Scientists have found that lobsters have a sophisticated nervous system and a wide array of senses. They can also feel pain. So, it is advised to lobster lovers to prepare them in humane way.


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