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Shrimp Salad is a Healthy Delicious Side Dish for Dinner Platter

Side dishes are very important part of our dinner platter. Most delicious dishes are not complete in absence of side dishes. Whether you are serving a seafood dinner or normal one, salads always make a fresh and healthy starter. A seafood salad will better complement your dinner menu and sometimes it adds to the value of your light main dish. So adding a seafood salad will be a wise idea. Among so many seafood delicacies, shrimp make one of the best salad recipes. A salad which comprises Shrimp and green vegetables will make a nutritious and delicious dish.

Shrimp Salad

A Shrimp salad will add to the flavor of scrumptious seafood dinner. Here is the recipe of Ginger-scallion shrimp with cucumber quinoa salad that you would love to add in your dinner menu.

Image Source: nyti.ms/9drXXA

Image Source: nyti.ms/9drXXA

Ingredients you require:

• Deforested Jumbo shrimp sugarcane – 4 skewers

• Ginger or scallion marinade ½ cup + ¼ cup

• Uncooked Quinoa 1 cup

• Water 1 and ½ cup

• White wine ½ cup

• Thinly sliced scallion – 4

• 1 small cucumber halved, seeded and thinly sliced

• Chopped cilantro ¼ cup

• 1 ea of lime for lime juice

How to prepare?

The first step to prepare shrimp salad is to defrost the shrimp by placing it in a bag marinade or bowl and pouring ½ cup of ginger-scallion into it. Now the combination needs to be refrigerated for two to three hours. Rinse the Quinoa quickly with a fine mesh strainer and leave it to dry.

Now taking a large sauté pan add ¾ tbsp oil into it and place it over low heat. Adding dried quinoa into it will enrich flavor. By stirring and tossing, toast the mixture evenly at least for 6-8 constant minutes until it turns dark and a nutty aroma arises.

Add wine and water into a small sauce pot. Bringing it to boil, stir quinoa into it. Lower the heat flame after covering the pot properly. Within 15 minutes quinoa will be cooked and ready. Till then, taking a large non-stick pan add 1 tbsp of oil into it. Add shrimp skewers by bringing it over medium-high heat.

After scorching the first sides for 2-3 minutes flip the shrimp to cook another side. Reducing the heat to medium, cook shrimps until they are warmer. This process will consume 2-3 more minutes. Fuzz up the quinoa using a fork when it is prepared. Now placing the quinoa in a large bowl add ¼ cup of ginger-scallion marinade, scallion, cucumber and cilantro onto it and your delicious shrimp salad is ready to be served. You may also order for it on many online stores.


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