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Delicious Live Maine Lobsters are Good for Health

Seafood is loved by most foodies around the world. Be it clam, crab, prawn, shellfish, fish, mussels, shrimps or lobsters, people are never going to say no to them. Seafood makes your parties enjoyable and memorable for your guests. Among all these sea delicacies, lobsters are considered the life of party nights. They are considered the ‘king of seafood’ by seafood lovers. Many verities of lobsters are available around the world, but Maine lobsters are considered the best of all.

Fresh Maine live lobsters are best tasted and have many health benefits. One should always prefer to buy live lobster and not dead ones which are frozen and sold in packets. You need to go early morning shopping to buy live lobsters but they retain their taste while cooking and dead ones stored for long, are stale, smell foul and may ruin your dish. A fresh lobster gives you nutrition while stale one might result in food poisoning.  So the choice is all yours.

Health benefits of Lobsters

Get Maine Lobster

• Lobsters are low in fat and cholesterol.

• They contain Omega-3 fatty acid which helps to burn the fat.

• The Zinc content of lobster increases brain activity. It improves immunity and vision.

• Zinc also helps in curing injuries.

• Phosphorus present in the lobster meat helps in the formation of bones and teeth.

• It increases metabolism rate, kidney function and controls arthritis.

• Vitamin B12 presents in lobster keeps the blood cells healthy.

• Copper present, helps in protecting the body from any health disorder.

So, there is no doubt that Fresh Maine live lobsters are store house of nutrition. They are very delicious to eat and present so many health benefits to us if you keep them fresh and alive until they are cooked. Ideally lobsters should be cooked the day they are bought or delivered but they can be stored for an additional day is kept in freeze or water tank.

Many delicious lobster dishes can be prepared very easily. But the easiest way to eat the Fresh Maine live lobster is by boiling or steaming them in very salted water. When you boil the lobster, the meat comes out very readily. Some delicious lobster dishes are: lobster rolls, lobster claw and potato salad, lobster bisque, grilled lobster, lobster stew, lobster pot pie, lobster new burg, lobster bake, lobster fondue etc. These dishes are very delicious and equally easy to prepare at home. You can even order them online and enjoy the meal at home.


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