Taste Your Food

Impress your Guests with Scrumptious Foods

Meeting your near and dear ones once in a while is never a bad idea. It gives you a chance to forget your work pressure enjoys and organizing a small party with some close people coming in should be the better option. You may surprise them with your cooking skill by cooking something they never ate! Something very tasty and healthy! Let’s try something you have never made before – Seafood! It’s very healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Now, as we know there are so many varieties of seafood like fish, clam, crabs, shrimp, prawns, oysters, lobsters, squid and many more but what is the most favorite seafood of all seafood lovers? Yes lobster! So let’s cook lobster today. First time eaters are going to love it and those who love it are really going to be very thankful to you. Here are a few lobster cuisines which I am sure you will love to cook.

Black Point Maine Lobster Bake

Black Point Maine Lobster Bake

Black Point Maine Lobster Bake could be the best healthy option for a party night. It consists of:

• 2 Maine lobster tails, three to four ounces each

• 8 ounces of Clams or Mussels

• 4 Atlantic crab claws

• 4 shrimp

• 2 of Maine’s best corn on-the-cobs

This meal comes in a self cooking foil container. Since this food comes in the package very little work is required for you to do. The meal is delicious and it has many other seafood along with the lobsters. So somebody who loves crab or mussel will love to have it.

Maine Aphrodite

Maine Aphrodite

Another dish could be Maine Aphrodite. This food is best for special occasions. It consists of:

• Two 2 pound Live Maine Lobsters

• Six Belon Oysters

• Two Maine Whoopies

You can also cook lobster tails with clarified butter, lobster rolls, lobster ravioli, lobster bisque, grilled lobster tails with herb butter, lobster pot pie etc. Fresh Maine lobsters are incredibly tasty. You need to visit the market in the early morning hours to get the best of them. But if you don’t have time to do all the preparation them you can buy the above mentioned ready-to-cook dishes and food will be ready till you do other decoration. There is another option of buying the ready-to-eat dishes and you can place the order according to your schedule and the food will be at your door step on time.


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