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Maine Lobster Cuisine anyone?

Although there are many lobster varieties found around the world, the two main ones are the American (or Maine) lobster, and the European lobster. The Maine lobster is considered the biggest and best. On the other hand European lobsters tend to be smaller – they can be used interchangeably in different recipes. Often sold cooked, lobster will be at its freshest and tastiest if bought live and then cooked. Usually live lobsters are of green-blue color but turn reddish-orange when cooked. Male lobsters have thick, meatier flesh, but female lobsters are found with a more subtle flavor and an orange ‘coral’ roe which is often used to color sauces.

Image Source: bit.ly/12s0egH

Image Source: bit.ly/12s0egH

Being very expensive, the best way to enjoy the sweet flesh of lobster is to cook them simply. Either cut them half and grill or bake them. You can also boil or steam them, and serve them with a butter sauce, lemon juice or mustard cheese sauce. Lobsters are always a luxury food but Maine lobsters are relatively inexpensive and found in plenty these days. They are sold live and cooked or frozen, usually plain boiled and served with drawn butter. Smaller lobsters are tender. Coldwater lobsters from northern seas are considered to be of the finest quality.

Once a poor man’s food, lobsters are now considered as one of the healthiest proteins found around the world. It also contains fewer calories, less cholesterol and less saturated fat than chicken, pork, beef and shrimp. One should always prefer to buy a live lobster or a lobster with tail. Live lobster can be killed by freezing them for a few minutes and then boiling them in salted water. The head is put inside the pot first and covered with a lid. The lobster shell will be red and tail curled up when it is boiled. They are entirely edible apart from the stomach and dark intestines.

Boiling is perhaps the easiest way to cook a lobster. Once cooked, they should be served immediately with some melted butter. Besides, some people prefer to steam their lobster by increasing cooking time. They say the result is better than boiling and makes a tasty dish. Grilling is another great way to cook a lobster. Half boiled lobster is cut from the middle and then cooked for a few minutes on the pre heated grill, keeping shell side down and served hot. Lobsters can also be baked by stuffing them which is done differently by different restaurants and it is also quite easy to do.


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