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Treasured Lobster Delicacies Packaged for fine Dining

Gone are times when seafood was not quite well accepted in the elite society; today it’s quite different because the ocean cuisines have earned their name as food for the rich. Keeping aside such notions, seafood has been delighting taste-buds since quite some time; one of the main reasons for such popularity is Maine. Years have passed since lobsters have been tantalizing the taste-buds of millions.

Maine has been producing the best quality lobsters and crabs. Maine lobsters have derived fame because of their mouth melting flavors. A little go-through on the matter will reveal how this part of the world has been helping leading restaurants come up with delicious seafood menus.


Maine lobsters are the king sized ones; they are fleshy and tasty and are liked by all. In a time when people are roped to demanding work schedules, isn’t it quite meaningful to rely on ready-to-serve packaged dinners? These time-saving seafood cuisines are the gourmand’s delight. The main course packages can be ordered online for any occasion. One such delightful frozen package is the jumbo lobster tail dinner for 2, a wholesome dinner course comprising the following:

  • Maine lobster tail (weighing 7-8 oz each)
  • Maine lobster cakes, 2
  • Maine lobster stew, servings for 2
  • Heart shaped triple-chocolate cheesecakes, 1

The dinner is especially meant for two people and assures great and quick dining so that serving and eating becomes delightful. The impressive meal more or less tastes the same as any homemade food.

Maine lobster tail

Maine lobsters taste the best and of course their tails are as tasty as the sea crustaceans in whole. The best tasting lobster tails unarguably comes from Maine because the latter produces the fleshiest and tastiest of meat. The jumbo lobster tail commonly tastes a buttery essence adding to its delicate flavors.

Maine lobster cakes

Prepared from hand selected lobster meat, the sensational taste of lobster cakes will make anyone crave for more. Taste the everlasting flavors of Maine as you sink in your teeth into one and rejoice its meltingly delicious flavors. Revealing a delicate essence, the morsels are must-haves for an appetizing seafood meal.

Maine lobster stew

Taste the delectable treasures of Maine as you take a spoonful of this creamy stew delivering an overwhelming taste like no other. Dipped into the herbed buttery essence, the lobster stew boasts of a mouthwatering flavor.

Heart shaped triple chocolate cheesecakes

A proper main course ending demands a dessert and you can whole-heartedly rely on this perfectly baked chocolaty textured heart shaped cake. Made from real cream, butter, hand-selected cocoa and eggs, the cake reveals a cookie-like crust.


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