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Fine Dining and Maine Lobsters

One of the most coveted seafood on earth, Maine lobsters are reigning over gourmet cuisine lists. Their delicious flavor can floor a gourmand at any point of time. Today, Maine lobsters have become a topic of discussion amongst food experts who usually delve into serious food centric issues. Hand-selected by Maine professionals, these tasty and clawed monsters thrive largely by the coast of Maine. Every morning lobster men visit the docks to catch hold of the finest crustaceans of the world. Nowadays, shoppers can bag these shellfish over the internet. So forget about wasting your time visiting the departmental store; you can now get these crustaceans frozen or live, right at your doorstep.

Image Source: bit.ly/11aaq1f

Image Source: bit.ly/11aaq1f

All you will need to do is place your order just a couple of days prior to when you want to cook Maine lobsters; and the online lobster stores will fetch you the freshest picks from deep down the oceans. A majority of chefs say that Maine lobsters taste the best when they are cooked live. A lot of online lobster sellers offer packages accommodating say about 15 lobsters in one shot. However there are smaller packages available as well. The bigger the dinner, the larger will be the order.

It has been found that Maine lobsters are mostly priced as per their weight and size. The bigger the size, the greater the price!! Well!! That quite indicates the fact that you only pay an amount for whatever you receive. In generally, a full grown lobster is found to weigh around 1.25-4lb. such variance mostly occurs due to the size of the sea creature. In recent times, lobsters are weighed on electronic weighing machines that show accurate results; thus helping consumers get a fair deal.

If you are not familiar with the prices of fresh live Maine lobsters then it is important for you to know that the prices of the shellfish also include shipment cost. Some lobster sellers even offer overnight shipping benefits to customers; thus helping purchasers receive the freshest crustaceans. In fact the sellers even promise payback deals on lobsters that are stale. They take full responsibilities to ensure that these sea creatures arrive in a healthier and fresher state. Most of the times lobster sellers ask customers to be at home while, the package is being delivered. They warn purchasers to keep these fresh picks away from heat snow and rain.

These days you can buy lobsters online and save considerable amount of money and time from being wasted.


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