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Royal Maine Dinner treat with Lobsters

Maine lobsters are the succulent of all seafood dishes available on earth; at least that is what most people believe. With the crustaceans spawning in abundance in the Atlantic waters of Portland, the lobster industry across Maine is experiencing prosperity. Name any popular seafood meal and you will find lobster meat to be an integral part of the dish. Maine fisheries are wholly emphasizing on lobster harvest with the industry showing greater returns in recent times. Packed with mesmerizing flavors, Maine lobsters are worth a buy, even though they are a bit pricey.

Image Source: bit.ly/1af8RjG

Image Source: bit.ly/1af8RjG

Generously offering delicious meat, Maine lobsters are these days sold live or cooked. Now, that busy work schedules are taking toll on personal lives, customers have started ordering lobster dinners online; thus making it easier for them to celebrate special occasions with these jumbo sized crustaceans in the menu. The hassle-free, ready-to-serve dinners are mainly available for 2-6 servings.

Special dinners call for special menus

Say, you have a special event coming up sometime soon and you really seem clueless of what to prepare for the day; you are likely to receive quite a few lobster dinner options over the internet and chances are high that you may be enticed by the Maine tail and chowder feast; a complete main course dinner treat comprising everything you need to be happy about. The package is a straight away up gradation of Maine lobster tail feast and comprises the following:

• Maine lobster tails, 4 pieces weighing 4-6 oz each (soaked in old bay butter)

• 4 pieces of Maine lobster cakes

• Maine clam Chowdah, a quart

• Mini biscuits to be served with clam chowder, 1 lb

• Maine whoopee pies, 4

The satisfying treat is guaranteed to bring upon “million dollar smile” on several faces.

You can even greet your guests or your dear ones with this wholesome Maine lobster tail feast. This lobster dinner package doesn’t only include the big crustaceans; the package gives you a flavor of the deep oceans as it will impress your taste buds with the following:

• 4 pieces of Maine lobster tails, 5 oz each

• Crab cakes prepared from Atlantci red crab meat, 4

• Maine clam Chowdah, 1 quart

• Whoopee pies, 4

A Maine dinner treat is easily available these days. You can now get your orders delivered right to your doorstep and enjoy fine dining with Maine picks for the palate.


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