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An Unforgettable Mother’s Day Treat for Your Best Friend, Mom

Image Source: goo.gl/0q5LO

Image Source: goo.gl/0q5LO

What can be more special than a fabulous seafood treat on Mother’s day? We know how much special our Mom is to us. Give her tired hands some rest while you gear up for a surprise treat for Mom. If beef and bacon don’t interest her anymore then take a step ahead and look out for seafood delicacies available online; in fact your mom will rather be bowled over if you prepare ocean borne delicacies all by yourself. It will be more than a surprise for her. Rather than, delving into a single or a couple of seafood preparations, you can go ahead with a main-course meal for her.

Okay now, you are serious about it and it seems you really want to do something that will impress your Mom. So, what is that special treat you are thinking about? Sometimes, it gets confusing when you are asked to pick a drop from the sea; similarly there are loads of seafood ideas floating all around you, so sticking to a few recipes may seem arduous.

For the main course you can just try out anything between a lobster paella Valencia, grilled lobster tails with lemon herb butter, baked stuffed Maine lobster, curry lobster roll with shaved vegetables, Cajun shrimps, baked halibut, fresh Maine crab sliders, tantalizing garlic white mussels and more; but are you somehow thinking of ending the course on a sweet note? That’s quite obvious if you want to treat your mom in a proper way. How about a Mother’s day chocolate cheesecake with raspberry coulis and mint? Look at what you will need to prepare the dessert?


Fresh raspberries, 1 pint

Lemon juice, 1 ½ tsp

Sugar 3Tbsp

Take the ingredients in a pot and combine them over medium-high flame. Mash up the raspberries to release the juice. Next, boil the mixture and then again simmer the flame. Cook for about 5 minutes. Strain the raspberry sauce with the help of a strainer; in the meanwhile you can use a spoon to extract the maximum juice. Keep the sauce aside.

What you should do with the main components?

Heat the raspberry coulis; meanwhile sprinkle some sea salt over the cheesecake. Now slice the cheesecake and pour raspberry coulis on the slices. Top the dessert with freshly sliced mint. Wow!! Your main course seafood treat for Mom is ready. Plant a kiss on her cheeks and wish her a very happy mother’s day, as the two of you sit together to enjoy the special dinner. You can now order for seafood dinner online; surprisingly a lot of online shops offer gift certificates on lobsters; you can gift her one if you want. For more information you can visit here.


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