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Try Out the Best Recipes in the Steak Lover’s Haven

If you are a true steak lover, then Chicago is the best place for you. It is a steak lover’s haven. Steaks can be prepared in various ways and steak houses in Chicago sure do know how to serve them up. Here are a few ways how beef steaks can be prepared. These all time favorite steak recipes are absolute favorites.

Marinated London Broil
This is a classic recipe. The steak is marinated in vinegar and wine which makes the steak really tender. And if you want to get it right and make it authentic try using a Flank Steak for the dish.

Carne Asada
This is a Mexican recipe for grilled beef that is marinated in herbs, Tequila, spices and lime juice and served with tacos. This recipe is delicious and extremely flavorful and perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Peppered New York Strip Steak
A steak prepared with this recipe is really tasty and different because the peppercorns used in the recipe are cracked and not ground.

Herb-Crusted Filet Mignon
A Filet Mignon is the favorite cut of steak for most steak lovers mainly because it is tender and scrumptious. Usually dry herbs are used for this recipe but one can also use fresh herbs instead.

Cowboy Steak
This steak recipe will transport you to the southern states of USA. The steaks are seasoned with chili powder, garlic, pepper and salt. The steak is seared well on the grill and the chipotle paste enhances the flavor of the steak.

Mustard Beef Tenderloin
This steakhouse favorite is the best if you want to show off your culinary skills. The tenderloin is seasoned lightly and is served with a yummy mustard sauce. If done properly it will surely win you praises.

Oriental Tri-Tip Steak
This recipe tastes best when made with a Tri-Tip steak or roast. The use of Asian flavors in the marinade makes this dish perfect for any occasion. This steak can be served over a bed of rice or just as a whole meal.

Italian Dressing Marinated Steaks
Italian Dressing is one of the best marinades made available. The vinegar and oil mixed with the spices and herbs makes it a powerful and flavorful tenderizer. This recipe is an all time favorite.

If you want to buy or eat steaks in Chicago, you will have a huge variety of steakhouses to choose from. You can also go all out and try out different dishes at different steakhouses.


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